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Jett has been a strong guy since day one! Jett was born with a unilateral cleft lip and palate. He had his first surgery on his lip at only three days old.  After a week in the NICU, he was ready to go home. When Jett was six months old, he had kidney surgery. At eight months old, Jett’s palate was repaired, and he got his first set of ear tubes. By the time Jett was a year old, he had been through three surgeries and had an entirely reconstructed mouth.  Jett also has a hearing loss and wears hearing aids to help him hear better. At two years old, he was diagnosed with sensory processing disorder (SPD) because of his difficulties with food, textures, and noises.


Speech, oral motor skills, and eating have been big challenges for Jett. He has worked with a speech therapist and occupational therapist since he was three months old. Every new sound Jett makes and every new food he can eat is always cause for celebration. And, oh the joy when Jett could finally suck through a straw and blow bubbles! Although there were times we felt Jett’s doctors and therapists were the only people we would ever see, we are grateful we have had the opportunity to work with such wonderful teams at both Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children and Children’s Hospital Colorado.


Jett started school on an IEP at the age of three and has a wonderful team of professionals to help him thrive. Between six surgeries and countless hours with doctors and specialists, Jett has been through more life experiences in his first four years, than many adults go through in a lifetime. But, it is those experiences and challenges that have made him a brilliant, empathetic, brave, and outspoken boy whose smile lights up the whole universe!













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